Our organic production

Our approach of organic production

For many years, we worked on our vineyard with a traditional way. In 2009, we decided to go further; it is why we considered the organic production as a good way to reach our objectives of respect of environment.

We signed our commitment on September, 10th, 2009; the commitment covers the entire vineyard in order to produce organic wines only.

Following the signature, 3 years were necessary to convert all the production including the vineyard and all the work at the cellar, in order to propose since the vintage 2012, our wines all certified ‘organic wines’; it is why on our bottles you will find a logo representing a leaf on a green background.

What is an organic wine?

Since 2012, the usage of « organic wines » has to follow the European regulation. An organic wine is produced following rules that we have to apply in the vineyard and in the cellar during all the process of the wine making. All the products we use, have to be certified organic also.
For more details :  http://eurlex.europa.eu