Our productions

Our expertise

History of the vineyard

At the beginning, only Chateau Tenein located in Gours was a part of the Vignobles Grelaud. Several generations worked on this vineyard and contributed to the quality and the continuous improvement of the wines.

In 1996 and in 1999, the Vignobles Grelaud acquired 2 new vineyards on the surrounding municipalities of Puynormand and Salles de Castillon in order to increase the production and to get the possibility to offer different types of wines.

Our productions

For our production we use Merlot and Cabernet, these grape varieties are typical of Bordeaux area and it is of the art of wine-making, aging and blending that we can produce different wines.

On all our vineyard, the density of plantation is 5000 plants per hectare: on the same row, the plants are separated of 1 metre of each other and between 2 rows we have 2 metres.

The harvest is mechanical and a first sort of the grapes allows us to remove the not- qualitative grapes. We produce all our wines in our cellars located at Tenein; the fermentations are done in stainless steel tanks with temperature control in order to keep the initial qualities of the grapes.

The process of fermentation is different according the quality of the grapes, the vintage and the style of wine we want to produce.

The aging in barrels is always done in French barrels, we use new barrels and used-barrels of  previous wines; the choice of the type of aging will depend on the quality of the wines to age and on our knowledge and experience of the wines of the Vignoble.

The blending (we speak of the Art of blending) which will give you the wine like you will have the pleasure to taste, is done just before the bottling that we realize at our cellar also.